Email #6…

Hi guys I am so grateful for all of you and everything you guys have done for me! This week has been a test for me for sure! We opened up a branch in plain dealing, while we told over 100 people and invited them all one 1 person was super disappointing but I know the blessings will be received because of our handwork and all the efforts we put in! Im not gonna lie I have been missing My friends and family a lot this week as I’ve struggled a little bit but I prayed and prayed and used the power of prayer as a tool to strengthen me and allow me to push forward when things wanna go backwards! We were really running low on food and were out of money so we all started to pray a lot..we had no idea what were gonna do but then we went to an appointment and the man we were teaching (Brother Hansen) told us he had felt a strong prompting that he needed to buy us food…he bought us a ton of groceries! It was so amazing to see Heavenly Father work in his amazing way! I Miss football so much but from what I hear all of my teams are awful this year and its probably good that I don’t get to watch the games haha…I love you guys so much and I love all the meals and letters that come my way it means so much! Mom you’re the greatest and I love you so much! Im working hard out here and I see myself getting lost in the work as time just FLIES by! Hard work does bring blessings in anything we do! I miss all of you so much! A man in our ward got up to bear his testimony and talked about his 19 year old son dying and how he couldn’t serve a mission because he died right before it..My eyes were opened and I was very humbled. Serving the lord is not a sacrifice its a Privillage and I really was able to see that this week! Have an amazing week I really love you all so much! 


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