Email #18…

How are y’all doing? It was super tight to be able to talk to y’all on Christmas and see all of your good looking faces! Haha! Christmas on the mission is very different but I can honestly say that this Christmas was probably one of the best Christmas I have ever had. It was amazing. The spirit was SO strong the whole day and I just enjoyed myself. Its so amazing to hear all of my friends stories that are serving as well. FAT shout out to my brother Hayden Palmer for being such a great example and an amazing and valiant servant of the lord! I know Hawaii loves you bruh! I know I say it all the time but I seriously LOVE the mission. Its so tight out here! Its amazing to see the progression of all of those around you! I’m still amazed that it is already almost 2016…Elder Smith and I talk about it all the time “2017” seems like a fake year..haha! So I was reading some talks this past week and I came across one called “8th string Quarterback” its by Steve Young I know of course its about football but its on Even if you don’t like football it is such an amazing story. It talks about how often times the lord will place you at the bottom to see if you have enough faith in him to help you climb to the top. The lord is always with us in everything we do. I go back to my favorite scripture where it says just that D&C 84:88. Follow the spirit. The Spirit will never leave you..but sometimes we leave the spirit. I love y’all so much have an amazing and safe New Years! One last FAT shoutout to the Boys of G-town Blake, Brycen, Bailey, Austin, Ryan and Hayden! Love y’all!


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