Email #24…

Cheeeeoww! Whats up everyone? I hope y’all had a great week and super bowl weekend! This week was way tight! Of course we had to ball out on Monday for P-day then we had a few sick dinners with some great members! Saturday was BUCK! Frank was baptized and SO dang happy about it! Its one thing for the gospel to touch your life but when you see someone else you care about touched by the spirit and the influence of this amazing gospel its honestly the best feeling in the world! Frank is a super good dude and is going to do amazing things in the church! Sunday was one of the most spiritual Sunday’s I have ever had. Testimony meeting is always the best! I love hearing the cute little kids speak and bear testimony! Its amazing because its always very simple and short but SO sincere! Plus I just love little kids haha! In Elder’s Quorum we talked about Christ like attributes a little bit which is always such a spiritual lesson! Its such an eye opener reading about how amazing our savior really is and how much better we can all be! We have to keep strong and continue to keep Christ at the center of everything we do its SO important. Without him we can do nothing. We must keep faith. The adversary is always trying to get us especially when things are going good in life..Its tough not to get discouraged but through prayer we can erase those feelings. Heavenly Father loves all his children and is gong to protect us all. He knows each and everyone of our individual needs. Take the leap of faith and pray for help. I promise he will answer. Have a sincere heart when you talk to him..its an amazing opportunity we have to talk to him at anytime. My testimony of Prayer has been strengthened SO much on the mission. Trials come often especially as a missionary the adversary doesn’t want anyone else knowing about this wonderful gospel he will do anything to stop it. We need to pray and have faith in heavenly father. Leave all your problems at his feet. He loves us. I have been studying the bible being in the “Bible Belt” and all and this scripture stood out to me. (1 Peter 5:8 – Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:) he is looking to take down anyone he can. Keep faith and continue to pray. I love y’all so much! Happy birthday to my Sweet Mom this sunday! I love you tons have an amazing day! Enjoy the package!<3


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