Email #25…

Whats good everyone?? I hope my sweet Mom had an amazing Birthday Love you mom. This week was WAY good! I first want to start off by saying how thankful I am too hold the Priesthood. I will tell y’all why later in the email. So this week flew by and this month is already more than half way over. We of course played Ball for P-day then we went to dinner with Tara, Gerald and JJ at Buffalo…it reminded me of after football games when we would always go with the team so it was a little sad but hey its chill haha! We had Zone conference on Thursday which was really good but very long…that took up all day. Saturday was the best day. It started off with us going to the church to fill up the water for Gerald’s baptism. As soon as we got to the church we saw a random guy we have never seen before standing outside..we went to talk to him and he then explained to us that he was visiting from Vegas to bury his brother which was very sad. He then asked us if we could give a blessing to his older sister who is about 50 or so. He said she is dying of Terminal Cancer and she needs a blessing right away. We of course were VERY happy to do so. She we went into the church gave the blessing. The man didn’t have oil, luckily we had some with us. Its so important that as Priesthood holders we are always prepared to exercise our authority that we are so blessed with. The woman not being a member said she was feeling at great peace. A woman dying of terminal cancer had the BIGGEST smile on her face…I realized then that she was a great example of our savior, even through tough times she was still happy and smiling. It motivated me to try and be happy 100% of the time. So amazing. After that Gerald was baptized, he bore his testimony which was amazing to hear. Gerald will be an amazing man in this church with his outgoing personality. I love this work and this gospel as well as all of you. Have an amazing week y’all!


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