Email # 26…

Whats up everyone? So this week was super good it was the first weekend that we didn’t have a baptism in the ward in like 4 weeks so Saturday felt a little bit weird, the Lord has definitely been blessing this area and ward with amazing new people. We have had a busier week with trying to have a new approach on the work out here. We have really been back to the focus of less active work we kind of strayed away from it a bit with the baptisms happening so now we are rebuilding our teaching pool and focusing on less actives. So we had transfers this week and I will be staying here in Monroe for another transfer. I am super excited to continue the work but Elder Smith left and is serving in Gulfport now. I’ll miss him but my new companion Elder Hatch is WAY tight im super excited to serve with him. We both have a similar vision with our missions. We just want to work our hardest out here and do anything we can to help others feel the same joy we do in this amazing gospel. I look back now and think about how I almost didn’t serve a mission and all the things I would have missed out on…Its seriously the most amazing experience anyone could ever have. The only thing we have to do and think about is serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 24/7, YES its very tough at times but its all 100% worth it for sure. I feel super blessed to be able to represent our savior and teach this amazing gospel! I am so blessed with amazing friends serving and others at home who are supporting me thank y’all so much. Always remember Luke 1:37 With god NOTHING is impossible. Rely on our Father In Heaven its not a scary thing, and I promise you he will bless us. He loves all of us. I am loving the mission and I love this gospel. Have an amazing week!! <44


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