Email #28…

How the heck is everyone doing??? Yet again blessed with ANOTHER great week! Elder Hatch and I did a ton of walking this week which I love! I don’t like driving much..I feel lazy plus the people on the side of the road are hilarious so it gets BUCK!! Since I got out on the mission I study everyday and really developed a love for reading. Lately I have been studying A LOT of the Bible. A verse that really hit me was (Philippians 2:5) “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus”. I know its very simple but I learned that a scripture doesn’t need to be complex in order for it to be powerful. All scripture is powerful. Having a Christ like mindset is the key to having a positive and joyful life. As I read a talk by Elder Oaks he said something that really hit me hard. “Love everyone. Why let someone else determine how you act?” It is so true. We will tract for HOURS and HOURS and people are way rude to us or they just try and argue but I love it because I get a chance to give them the LOVE and CARE they need as well as deserve. Christ loved all of the people whether it was the Gentiles or the Jews he LOVED them with all his heart. That goes the same for us. We need to do our best to love all people regardless of what they did or what their past is..LOVE THEM. I can honestly say that serving a mission is THE BEST thing I have ever done. I truly know that this is where the lord wants me and he spiritually prepares people for us to teach. I love this Gospel so much. Jesus is THE CHRIST and is always at the head of the church. What an amazing gospel we have been blessed with y’all. I am thankful for god’s plan to allow us to live happily with our families forever. Its amazing that we are able to be married in the temple and sealed to our best friend for all eternity to guide them back to THE KINGDOM. I love this church. Have an amazing week y’all!


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