Email #29…

Hey first I wanna say sorry I wasn’t able to email y’all yesterday..I hope y’all had amazing week though! We have been STACKED with stuff to do because of the floods that came through here..We got 26 inches of rain in 36 hours..Peoples cars were being washed away and they had to just abandon them because the water was so powerful and high..We have been doing nothing but service the past week and honestly I love it! Its so sad to see people just watch everything they have be washed away..It’s a very humbling experience for sure..Im so glad I have been here to do anything I can to help. I am so thankful for this church though..its been amazing to see the church come together and help out the community. haha right now im sitting next to a dude like yelling raps…The south is such a funny place..hahaha I love it here! There wasn’t a ton that happened this week other than the floods..Im sorry I know kind of boring haha! I will say that I have learned a lot out here in the last 7 months though…Its a little bit scary how fast time flies out here…This gospel truly does bless families. I know that for a fact. I love this gospel. I’m so thankful for y’all and the support you give me I LOVE all the letters y’all send they are amazing!! Mormon Helping Hands is coming down from Salt Lake to help out the area because of the disaster from the floods so the next few weeks we will be doing straight SERVICE Im way excited. Just gutting houses all day…its a unique way of doing missionary work, but its going to be very good. I am so grateful for the mission I am able to serve and the amazing spirit I have felt. Im loving it! Y’all have an amazing week!! Love you!


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