Email #31…

Ayee coming to you live from one of the top 5 most Ghetto Libraries I have ever seen in Monroe Louisiana! How the heck are y’all doing? What an amazing weekend full of amazing doctrine and great words from the leaders of the most amazing church on this Earth. As I was pondering this past weekend I started to think of all that heavenly father has given me and I felt bad. I realized how much more I need to give him back..I am very grateful I am able to do so through my efforts serving the great people of the “Dirty South”. I really loved the talk Elder Paul V. Johnson gave on the resurrection. He said something with in that talk that really hit me hard “Every promise within the gospel is just as important as the promise of resurrection”. How amazing to know that all promises made to us and that we make to Heavenly Father is on that same level? The mission is the greatest and most spiritual journey I will ever experience, I am grateful for the lords trust in me to serve him and his people for a SHORT 2 years. As I studied D&C 31, 32 and 33 this morning it was brought to my remembrance how short our time out here really is and that we must serve with all of our heart, might, mind and strength 24 hours/7 days of the week. The mindset we shall bring fourth the people we talk to should be that of Christ. I love this gospel, I am honored to hold the priesthood and be able to exercise it to its fullness. We all must bear the testimony we have been blessed with, it is a gift straight from out Father in Heaven. If we don’t share it frequently we will lose it. SHARE IT. The more you share it the stronger it will grow. I love y’all so much! Thanks for all the support and love y’all show to me. Have an amazing week! Happy Birthday to my SUPER SMALL cousin Bailey Moore on Friday! haha Love you lil’ Africa! GODSPEED.


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