Email #33…

Alright you guys I’m sorry this is taking so long but this week has been very crazy and the schedule is a bit messed up! So I am officially in Hattiesburg Mississippi with Elder Kulu! I miss Monroe no doubt but it’s way nice to be able to be in a new area! We are right next to the USM campus so its a lot more modern here which is nice! Elder Kulu and I both love to wake up early and workout then workout for a little when we get home from working so everything is going good there, but as for the stuff that actually matters THE WORK is going SO good! We were able to set 2 people with a date this last week! Jaclyn Love will be baptized May 7th she is an example of someone who was spiritually prepared by Heavenly Father! Her knowledge on the church is amazing sometimes I think she should be teaching us..she applies all the teachings to her life and is able to reflect then see them change her life its amazing to see the gospel change somebody’s life right in front of you! Then there is Veronica, she is super nice as well and has a strong testimony of this gospel we are currently helping her quit smoking using the workshop and she is doing awesome! There is a lot of progress, in all addictions FAITH is the biggest thing she has applied her faith and success has come. Im way proud of her! Im so amazed at the life heavenly Father! Just as in ALMA it talks about PLANTING THE SEED we need to all be planting a seed each day in everything we do. As members of this amazing church we all represent our lord and savior Jesus Christ! Its a privilege! I love serving the lord the mission life gets tough sometimes but every minute of it is worth it! Ill remember these days FOREVER. Have an amazing week y’all!


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