Email #34…

Hope y’all had an amazing week!! Alright well this week was super great, I’m starting to get the hang of the new area which is really nice because its starting to become more like home to me. We have been trying to do a lot of finding this week to be able to build up our investigator pool but there wasn’t too much success unfortunately. Although we didn’t find many people to teach we did have a pretty cool thing happen to us as we were walking. A man walked up to us and he gave us $5 he said its all I have but I want y’all to have it, the elders have done so much for me in the past I want to pay y’all back. of course being missionaries we declined the money and he forced it upon us haha. So we started to talk to him and he began to tell us he was actually a member of not to many years but his grandpa passed away and after that he didn’t ever want to go back to church again. So we invited him back and surprisingly he gladly accepted the invitation. That next day at church he showed up with his WHOLE family! It was amazing to see. We then had Jaclyn come to church as well and each talk that was given was PERFECTLY worded for each of her concerns. She will be baptized May 7th. We had an amazing lesson with the other night probably the most spiritual lessons I have ever been apart of on the mission. No dry eye what so ever, it was amazing. The lesson was on sacrifice, she brought up the sacrifice of a mom and her son/daughter serving a mission. I instantly though of my mom and knew she would probably be crying just listening to this…So sorry bout it mom! Haha… It was amazing to see her and how fascinated she was about the sacrifices made today and back in the day as well through the church. This church is 100% TRUE I have NO doubts. There is no better feeling than slapping that tag on your heart each day and helping families come together for all eternity. I love y’all and hope that y’all will be blessed with anything you may stand in need of at this time. Have an amazing week and remember to keep our Savior at the center of everything we do! Happy 20th Anniversary to my amazing parents and happy 17th birthday to my cute little sister Blake!;) haha Love y’all!


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