Email #35…

Alright this week was gnarly, we were able to get a lot of great work done. So we started off the week with a great P-day then a lesson with Jaclyn and Veronica. Jaclyn is getting baptized this Saturday the 7th. She is an amazing girl and is ready to be baptized, her testimony is unbelievable. This past fast Sunday she got up and bore her testimony, everyone was in “AW” with the immense amount of growth in her the past month. She said The Book of Mormon has been the biggest testimony builder for her. Its amazing the role that it has in conversion. The rest of the week we did a lot of finding, so that we can try and build up our investigator pool. It poured down rain on us all week which wasn’t a problem it actually made things a lot more fun. We found an awesome woman named Konswayla. She is very interested and bore her testimony the 2nd lesson we taught her. So we met a family by the name of the Albrights this week as we were waking and they happen to be from MESA ARIZONA. They also happen to know my mom and dad and their son was a student of Grandpa’s at MCC. They had us over to eat BBQ which was super cool the church is such a small world. I have learned a lot this week alone. The lesson learned this week was relying on the lord. We ran into a deaf woman at the grocery store this past week and the cashier couldn’t communicate with her so I ran over to help..I couldn’t remember ANY sign language so I said a little silent prayer to myself. As I approached them I was able to remember just enough to conversate with her and help her checkout. Its amazing what you are capable of when you rely on the lord. I love this gospel and I am so thankful for the opportunity I have been given to teach it to others everyday. Have an amazing week y’all I will see y’all on sunday! PEACE!


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