Email #37…

What it iz? I really do hope y’all had an amazing week! This week for me was honestly one of the best weeks I’ve had as a missionary. So we started off the week with our p-day playing ball with the boys which was great as usual..They call me a young Karl Malone..well actually only I call myself that and nobody agrees but that’s besides the point…Haha. We were able to teach Jaclyn, she is doing very well. She is already an amazing member. Zola and Aaron are doing amazing as well, I reckon they will be baptized here early in June. They have accepted the invitation, we are just working on a date that works for them. So Elder Kulu and I are still working really hard on finding new people to teach we are in a bit of a funky pattern where we teach them a few lessons then they get scared and things take a twist. So we are trying to figure out what we can do better as teachers. As we were tracting we saw a bunch of kids playing football and played with them for a good bit which was really fun, they are amazing kids haha! We hope to be able to teach their families in the near future! I spoke in church yesterday on adversity! I loved studying the topic its one that I really enjoy learning about because someone is always going through a hard time and I enjoy being able to help them through it! Adversity is part of his plan, its a way he communicates with all of his children. 2 Nephi 2:11 talks about just that. I love this church SO much, as we work hard in all that we do, we will find that our lives in a state of happiness. I love y’all SO much and I know this church is true. Have an amazing week. REMEMBER our savior. Also FAT shout out to all those really good looking people I know graduating this week I love y’all and I’m so proud!


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