Email #39…

Alright this week as been way sick! So I have been really dissecting my actual mission call and WOW what an amazing calling we have as missionaries…I feel extremely blessed. We we’re able to do a lot of finding. We ran into a super cool dude named “Stephen” who is very interested and probably taught me more than I taught him..People are amazing. I have been working really hard on focusing on Christ as I partake of the Sacrament. This week was the most spiritually uplifting service I have ever been too. Its the same with life as we focus on Christ and keep him the center of all things in life things will be smother, happier and just better in general. Allow the light of Christ to Beam on you and grab ahold tight to that Iron Rod. Heavenly Father blesses us with SO many spiritual tools in our life. The Book Of Mormon being a huge one of those tools, ANYTIME y’all feel any sorrow read the Book of Mormon it’s the BOOK OF GOD and is written for our time today. I am thankful for its doctrine and lessons. I am thankful for our beloved Prophet to guide us and love us in these latter days. He truly does love us and needs our prayers. I love y’all and this church SO much. The most comforting time in your life will be spent on your knees in prayer. Continue in Faith and listening to the promptings of that still small voice it will never lead you astray. I will be staying in H-Burg and unfortunately Elder Kulu will be leaving But I loved serving with him and learned a lot. I am excited for the future. Have an amazing week. Yo look at this little skeefer its a Pet Possum these members have! Mississippi is REDNECK. haha Love y’all!!


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