Email #45…

Alright I really hope y’all had a amazing week, we for sure had some good things come our way like always! There weren’t a ton of huge highlights but we have really been focusing on seeing less actives and trying to reactivate them. We went and saw Holly a few times this week she has a date for the 2nd week of August we will be doing her wedding and baptism the same day so it’ll be a super cool experience! We went to the singles ward again this week and had a great time, there are a lot of cool people in there, its nice to be able to have a diverse group of young kids to talk to as a missionary. I want to take the time and just tell y’all how grateful I am for the opportunity I have had to serve as a missionary. This last year has been the hardest but most joyful year of my life thus far. Its been amazing to really get to personally know my savior and develop a very personal relationship with our Heavenly Father. I have learned a lot as a missionary, I have learned that life is NOT easy and tough times are going to come but the tough times are always followed by an amazing time that trumps all the bad. Heavenly father loves us so much and has blessed us with trials. Before the mission I thought of trials as “Burdens” but as I see them unfold I have realized they are actually “Blessings” and an opportunity for us to grow to be more like Heavenly Father and better prepare us to live with him again after this life. One thing I really miss about home that I didn’t think to much about is Football..haha kidding I miss the the Temple a ton. The peace you feel when you enter in and the peace you instill as you leave. Its amazing. But I do miss football too..haha! I love y’all so much and I am HASHTAG blessed for all the support y’all give me. Love you longgg timeee! God Bless. And Navey Baker you will be an amazing missionary, Im so proud of you! KILL IT!


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