Email #46…

What’s good everyone?? This week brought fourth so many amazing experiences as usual, and I was again reminded of how great it is to serve as a missionary preaching this gospel for 2 years. I am now halfway and its a bit scary how time goes so this next year I am going to do all I can to be 100% consecrated in doing this amazing work. So we had the opportunity to teach Holly 5 times this week and we had a member with us each time. She is growing so close to the ward and beginning to grow the strongest testimony. We read with her Alma 32 which talks about the seed. We talked to her about growing her seed and she dominated that conversation throwing all these amazing responses at us. She WILL be baptized August 6th and she could not be more excited! We had an awesome experience Sunday night, while trying to visit a few people in the hospital we saw a man I recognized turns out I did know him as I looked closer so I ran over and started talking to him. He was a man that I met tracting 2 months ago in a different area of Hattiesburg. He told me he has been trying to find us and hasn’t been able to but wants to be baptized. MIRACLES. The lord places people in your life for a reason what seems like nothing can turn into something big very quick. Heavenly Father loves us so much and what’s nothing but the best for us but we have to do our part and put our faith in him. I love y’all so much thanks for all the love/support. Have an amazing week! PEACE!


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