Email #47…

How is everyone doing?? Again we were blessed with an amazing week! We have been SO dang busy which is the best problem to have as a missionary for sure! I have been pretty sick the past few weeks and finally had to go to the doctor..they said I have been developing Bronchitis which why I haven’t been able to breathe that well haha! But I’m all good now so I can finally be myself again! We were able to see Holly and discuss the Plan of Salvation with her again which is my favorite lesson to teach because I have such an amazing family it makes it that much more fun to testify of eternal families through this gospel. Holly is doing amazing and will be baptized soon! This area is really starting to spark as we continue to work and have all faith in the lord. Scott and Hailey both came to church this week and LOVED it. Things are going so well. Each week just keeps going faster and faster, its hard to squeeze everything into 7 days..This gospel has changed my life and it is for EVERYBODY. A mission is for EVERYBODY I have a strong testimony of that. If you have a desire to serve the lord will make sure you are able to and he will never leave your side. I love this gospel and I love y’all so much! Have an amazing week! PEACE!


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