Email #48…

Dang this week was so was for sure a blessed week as well! We had heaps of appointments that kept us really busy! So we were able to teach a new woman named Marie about he Plan of Salvation. She is going through a really hard time at the moment and as we taught her you could see the joy and relief in her eyes as she heard of the amazing plan Heavenly Father has set up for us in our lives. It ended up being a very emotional lesson for her and she was immediately accepting a baptism for August 20th! We are very excited for her! This gospel is for everyone but unfortunately not everyone has been introduced to it and that’s why we are out here. I know for a fact this woman’s life will be changed forever because of the simple message of our Loving Father in Heavens plan for us! I am so thankful he has given us this plan to allow us to stay on the path to live with him again for all eternity as well as our amazing families! We were also able to teach a few great lessons to Holly and have her come to church. Then we taught Scott a few times as well, he has been reading The Book Of Mormon like crazy its so cool to see the growth in him spiritually as he reads the true book of god. It was funny as I introduced Holly and Scott at church it felt so weird saying their names because its the names of my amazing parents! Rachel Yawn was baptized on Saturday as well, it was so great to see her grow and be able to put away habits for the lord. She is already an amazing member that continues to amaze me each time I talk to her!! This week was amazing but that’s a wrap for the events! FOOTBALL SEASON IS COMING!!!!! LETS GO!! Here’s a few Pics from the baptism and also Sister B and I! Love y’all! Yo HUGE shout out to my mom for the socks..I wore them proud..I love my mom for sure!! haha!


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