Email #49…

Well I first want to start off by telling y’all how much I love and appreciate everything you do for me and all of the love/support y’all give me. It really does make a huge difference and motivates me to be a better person each day. This week was amazing, we taught a lot of amazing people. So Scott, Holly and our new investigator Brandy came to Rachel’s baptism on Saturday and LOVED it. Brandy was in tears she said she has never felt more at peace in her 43 years of living. She will be baptized August 27th!! We are very excited for her! So we taught Scott as well then taught Holly and read The Book Of Mormon with her, its amazing how she is growing in the gospel and really starting to understand the teachings of the Book Of Mormon. The Spirit is truly teaching her all things, I am so happy to be the mouthpiece in teaching this amazing message. I was on exchanges with Elder Hardman and we had a buck time! We woke up at 4:30 to go fishing and caught a few good size Cats! Well I wanna express my love and gratitude for this gospel but particularly The Plan Of Salvation that Our Loving Heavenly father has blessed us with. It is so comforting to know if we follow the plan that he has set up for us, stay faithful to this gospel and heed to the counsel of the lord we can live with our families forever and with our Heavenly Father again. I’m so extremely grateful for this amazing gospel and have a testimony that its true and the key to true eternal joy. Days will be tough but never to tough for you to handle and you are never alone heavenly Father is always a simple prayer away. Have an amazing week I love y’all so much. Here’s a few pics of the Early morning Catfishin’! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!


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