Email #50…

This week was a great week, it has a few obstacles that slowed the work down a bit but nothing to complain about at all! The lord always provides for us in the end and I grew a stronger testimony of that this week! We had heaps of fun through out this week! But before I talk a bit about the highlights HUGE NEWS! I will be staying here in Hattiesburg for 6 more weeks then I will peace out! That will make 6 months here!! Crazy how time flies! So we started off with some good ball of course then headed to teach Scott a bit! We had dinner with the Hair family I love them they are super tight! Sister Hair is From Southern California and Brother Hair served his mission there so we always have quite a bit to talk about! We did a lot of moving this week, there were 3 new families that moved in which is super exciting because the ward is starting to shrink a bit and new families are well needed! It’s always fun being able to help people out when they first get here and realize they are in the BEAST of “The Dirty South”. We didn’t get a chance to see Holly this week because our schedules didn’t match very well but her and Scott both came to church and loved it as always. We had another lesson with Scott after church and read the Book of Mormon with him. He said everything we read was EXACTLY what he needed to hear at that time. Its amazing how the lord shows his love to his children. I know Our father in Heaven loves us. I have been trying to be a “A little child” lately. What I mean by that is just being teachable and exercising humility as I work and do all that I do as a missionary. I have seen so many blessings come from it. I love this gospel and I love serving out here its brought more joy to my life than I could have ever imagined. I love y’all so much!! I turn 20 in 3 weeks so help my mom emotionally prepare for that I know she’s freakin’ a bit;) Love you mom!<3 Have a great week y’all! PEACE! 


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