Email #53…

Hey everyone I first wanna start off by thanking y’all for the birthday love, it was an amazing day! This week was great, I had a lot of struggles. Yes my week was great because of my struggles. I learned a lot through the trials I faced. I couldn’t get to a peaceful state so I decided to kneel and pray I was kneeling for an hour and didn’t get up until I was at peace. heavenly Father answered me and carried me through the struggles its amazing the love he has for each and everyone of us. I have really been focusing on being 100% diligent in my studies not getting distracted at all just focused and its making the biggest difference in my life. I have finished the book of Mormon 5 times on my mission and each time I read it I get something new. Its truly for our day and I know that to be true I know its the truest book on this earth and the word of god. The love I have developed for this gospel is insane. It has showed me that if we truly love something we can do ANYTHING we want with it. Here in the South Football season is SACRED haha so I have been able to get in a lot of doors by talking football even if I have to fake being a BAMA fan..ahaha that will NEVER happen. All is well out here. The Deshields had a birthday party for me Sunday then The Brocks had one for me Monday! People out here are so amazing and loving to all those they interact with. I know our savior lives and is with us in every moment of our lives. I love y’all so much god bless. ASU and TEXAS won this week so all is well haha! Happy 16th Birthday to my cute Little Sister Presley Bonez and also my amazing best friend Breanna Hastings y’all are alright I guess..hah Love y’all!


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