Email #54…

Well the south keeps getting better and better each week! Its now football season which means things down here are absolutely CRAZY and I love it haha! Saturdays are near impossible to get any appointments because literally everyone and their dog are watching the games…its so hard to tell people NO when they invite us in to watch it with them haha! This week wasn’t very eventful but we had some fun things happen! We were tracting and this drunk guy grabbed Elder Meilstrup and wouldn’t let him go..haha! Elder Meilstrup took it like a champ and just sat there in shock..But the guy wanted to fight me really bad because I didn’t hug him so we had to leave..We taught an amazing old woman with dementia her name was Ms. Annie M. Tanner. She tried reading us the whole entire bible and if we let her she would of such a sweet and precious soul she was. We also were able to bring Thomas and Rachel Yawn the Sacrament as we do every week and I wanna say this I look forward to it every Sunday. the spirit is SO dang strong, they are such amazing people. Even through the cancer Thomas is hurting and still SO happy, he will never fail to put a smile on ANYONES face its amazing. 15 years since 9/11 and as I sat and thought about it, the only way our country was able to get through the tragic time is through the help of our Heavenly Father! He is always with us with his arm extended when we are in need! I am so thankful for all those who fight for our country and all those who have in the past. Sunday brought such a strong spirit as we remembered our country and our savior all in one sit in. I love this gospel so much and serving a mission was easily the best decision I ever ever made. I am so thankful for the power of prayer which led me to making choice to serve. I love y’all all the way fro the DIRTY SOUTH have an amazing week!!


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