Email #57…

This week was amazing but very different due to my transfer! I am now in Vicksburg Mississippi! Its a pretty small place compared to the areas I have been in but it will be a great time and I’m so excited to meet all the amazing people heavenly Father has prepared to hear this gospel. My new companion is Elder Baird from Preston Idaho! He’s super tight we get along really well and we’ll get some really good work done out here! He has been here for 3 transfers so odds are i get a new companion in a month but all is well. What an amazing conference weekend full of the spirit?? I’m so thankful for such a wonderful prophet that dedicates his life to the lords work. What an example he is to each of us. I love this gospel and the work I have been blessed to be apart of. The people of Vicksburg are so great I for sure miss Hattiesburg but I’m ready to meet these people. I love y’all so much have an amazing week!! Happy Birthday to Ri Bo! GOD SPEED!


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