Email #65…

First things first I hope y’all had an amazing Thanksgiving!! It’s almost December and I’m so excited, this is my favorite part of the year!! Alright lets get to it for this week! Thanksgiving was SO good we were in member’s homes all day! The Vicksburg ward is so full of loving people it makes all the difference as a missionary to have people who actually care for you! So this week we have been working with amazing woman named Helena Frye, she is seriously the most prepared person I have ever met, she had been listening to The Book Of Mormon on her phone for 3 weeks while praying that missionaries would knock her door, she lives in Yazoo City which is our area but its an hour away so there was noway that we would knock her door..but she referred herself to Salt Lake and we went out and saw her. She is amazing. She has Mornoni’s promise memorized! (Moroni 10:3-5) she is doing better than I am hahah! Because she lives so far out we have had a very unique opportunity to study with her over the phone each night. Its amazing the way the spirit is able to guide the lesson even as we communicate over the phone. Thanksgiving is amazing and we have a lot of things to be thankful for but its impirtant that we give thanks in prayer EVERYDAY not just once a year. Heavenly Father wants to hear from you, he wants you to talk to him and show your love for him. I am so grateful for the power of prayer which is truly a gift. I want to challenge y’all again and again to continue to remember our beloved Savior Jesus Christ at all times, he died for YOU. I will forever be grateful for the atonement and the blessings brought fourth from the savior each day. Even if you were the ONLY person on earth Christ would have still died for you because he loves each of you that much. I love the holidays and its an time to share the love of our savior. I love y’all so much remember that. Have an amazing week!!! GOD BLESS!! The lord is always at your side. HUGE Birthday Shout out to my cousin Zuster Navey Baker who turns 20 on Sunday! Love you have an amazing day and continue to bring fourth the light of Christ in the islands! Email her Happy Birthday right now!!!!!(


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