Email #69…

Well this week was very out of the ordinary but as always it was another great week here in Vicksburg! We were hit with a pretty bad storm Monday which kept a lot of people inside so we ended up getting cancelled on for most of our appointments but luckily there are great members that texted us and had us in their home. This week it Snowed/hailed which REALLY had Vicksburg shut down. It never snows or is iced over here so a lot of the roads were shut down, the stores were all closed and people were not in the mood to talk with us haha but we managed to stay busy through the merciful out stretched hand of Heavenly Father. Sister Frye’s baptism has been moved to Wednesday because the roads were all iced over and closed we couldn’t travel that far but all is still well and she is set to be baptized. This week as i was studying in the new testament I came upon an amazing verse. (2 Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.) All scripture is from God our father and it is LITERAL instruction on how we can be righteous and live with him again. the peace and comfort that the scriptures bring to my heart is a feeling beyond description. I know that God has given us scripture as yet ANOTHER way for him to communicate with us and show us the right path. God is our Eternal Father he knows us, loves and HE LIVES. I am beyond grateful for the Scriptures and our Father In Heaven. I would invite each of you to just say a prayer of Thanks strictly give nothing but THANKS to Heavenly Father, I know he would love to hear from each of you as we are ALL his children. I love each of you. Have an amazing week!! STAY GOOD LOOKING! GODSPEED!


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