Email #70…

Well everyone this week was absolutely amazing. I just want to express my love for the calling I have been blessed with. Being a full-time servant of our savior is not always easy nor fun but its always RIGHT. I have no doubt in my mind that this is where the lord needs me and wants me as well, his extended arm is always upon me and I will forever be grateful for the journey here in the south. Alright now lets get to the goods! So Wednesday Sister Helena Frye entered the waters of baptism and it was an amazing service she is so loving and meek its incredible. Then we were blessed to be able to find a lot new investigators. We had 5 investigators come to church on Sunday it was a very great and spiritual time. We were blessed with a lot of amazing teaching opportunities this week which kept us so buys, time keeps going faster and faster its insane. We then went to an MLK parade on Saturday and we were able to see Evander “THE REAL DEAL” Holyfield it was SO sick!! I have really been focusing on “Magnifying my calling” even more and more each day I serve and as I have put my focus on that things have begin to be amazing!!! I know with all my heart that The lord is our savior, he lives and he loves each of us. He mourns with those who mourn and still preforms those miracles today. Each time I see a new born baby or talk to a little child I am reminded of the meekness which we are instructed to have in our hearts and the miracles which are preformed on this earth. Each child and their innocence is a testimony of the love god has for us. I love each of you. I was recently notified that my friend Thomas Yawn whom I was blessed to be able to baptize in Hattiesburg just ended his fight with cancer and joined our Father yet again in heaven. I know he is in a better place and that The Plan of Salvation IS real. if y’all dont know what the plan of salvation is please email me or ask a member of the church because it will change your life completely as it has changed mine. I love y’all so much. PLEASE pray for The Yawn family. We are instructed in the scriptures to mourn with those who mourn iand through prayer from a distance we can mourn with this amazing family and allow them to feel the love they so much deserve. I love each of y’all so much. Here are some pics! 


One thought on “Email #70…

  1. You are such an amazing young man! So proud to be able to call you my brother in Christ! I know your mom is so proud of you, just as God is! Walk uprightly and spread the truth! It’s contagious!

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