Email #71…

Well this week was so dang good and stupppppa busy which makes for the best week! We have transfers next week, time is disappearing its not even funny. So we started with teach The Floyd Family along with Alicia their friend. They are all set to get baptized on February 18th it will be a stellar day along with Sister Frye’s son Carl getting baptized that day as well. We have started to teach Carl and read with him out of “The Book Of Mormon Story Book” he is doing so awesome The Frye family is a family that has changed my testimony forever I love them so much! So we Zone Conference Wednesday which went well as usual i always leave there with my heart full. I feel very blessed to be able to feel so strongly the spirit of our Father in Heaven. Then On Friday we went over to Hattiesburg a few hours down the road thanks to Sister Deshields and Scott Robinson for picking us up. We went over there for the funeral of Thomas Yawn, he was an amazing man full of love and energy for sure. I was honored to be able to dedicate his grave, the spirit guided me the whole time prompting me on what to say and when to say it during the dedication. I prayed all week that the blessing would NOT contain even a sound of my own thoughts but solely the words of the contrite spirit and it was just that. Not one thing was from me. I felt the presence of our Father in Heaven the whole time guiding me. After the funeral we went out to eat with The Deshields, during dinner I felt a prompting to go help this elderly couple that was sitting not to far from us at another table but they didn’t need any help so I just kept eating I felt the prompting a 2nd then a 3rd time and finally I got up to go talk to them even though nothing seemed to be wrong, well right when I approached them the man started to have a seizure and nobody in the restaurant knew how to handle it besides myself. So I laid him on his left side and made sure he wasn’t biting his tongue or anything and allowed him to seize as I held his head. Then we were able to carry him to his car for his sweet wife. The man ended up having a severe case of “Parkinsons disease” and we were able to pray and comfort he and his wife. The lord uses us as tools to help other people I was very grateful to be able to be a tool in the lords hands in that situation. From the dedication to the experience we had after I will never forget that day for the rest of my life. This work is real and very important, its the lords work and it must be done. I love all of you SO much. Please pray for The people in Hattiesburg hit my the tornado’s having already served there I will tell you they are the most loving and charitable people you will ever meet. I love y’all SO much have a blessed week, next week is a letter you will all enjoy ready I promise you that. There is a HUGE event happening this week in our mission.


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