Email #72…

YEE YEE!What an amazing week, I thank the father for blessing me with such opportunities and wise counsel this week. My heart is full as I was blessed to listen to the counsel of Elder Juan A. Uceda of the 70 and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the quorum of the 12 apostles. both spoke with THE PURE LOVE OF CHRIST. When they tell us they love us as the speak in conference they MEAN IT with all their heart. Elder Uceda speaks with love and compassion for the lord. Elder Holland does as well but he speaks with A LOT of humor. I mean A LOT OF HUMOR. I was introduced wot this humor with a special experience I had. First i shook his hand and I had to let him know he had good hair so he told me i had good hair as well..;) yeah of course i would lobe that..haha! But the best part was here, He was talking then walked down from the pulpit and he put both his hands around my throat and choked/shook me while he was teaching just joking around and said “Im coming down here to get close and comfortable so none of you will ever forget this message he is Hilarious!!!! Then he said “Elder Webster I love you so much” Because its a crazy story and doesn’t seem real i do have a lot of witnesses considering he did it in front of the WHOLE entire mission haha! He then said “Don’T worry Elders and Sisters Elder Websters face will regain its color eventually” Elder Holland is an amazing teacher, man and so loving. He was teaching and the president from the Baton Rouge mission walked in late with his wife because he was helping a hurt sister in his mission so Elder Holland stopped EVERYTHING and said “Welcome President, how is that sister doing?” He said great then Elder Holland said “Oh good we are so glad we love her so much and have been praying for her” he loves each of us as Christ does and how we should love each other. I left that meeting a NEW person. I love this gospel so much. I will also be getting transferred so my time in Vicksburg has come to an end, I will never forget this place it has helped me refine. The ward is so loving and charitable. I thank them for the help they have given me to be a better person. I love Elder Magleby and it will be sad to leave him but he will KILL it here in Vicksburg. Y’all I love you so much, I mean that. Have an amazing week. Jesus is THE CHRIST and he does live. I bear that witness to all in Christs Precious name.Amen.


One thought on “Email #72…

  1. We also had Elder Holland visit our mission a few weeks ago! He is a great man. So great to hear your testimony of Jesus Christ!! We love our mission here!! Elder Reyna is a great missionary too! I can see how you could be friends. We sure do miss seeing you. Where is Mielstrup now? Heard you got to go down for Thomas’ funeral. How good it must have been to see everyone again. Keep in touch and let us know how you are!! Love you! Elder & Sister Brock💕💕

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