Email #73…

WOW this week has been a blur..its been such a crazy good week! I was transferred and I am now serving in the Brandon Mississippi area! Its soooo nice here I love it so much! So my companion is Elder Wandry I will send y’all pictures next week we didnt have anytime to take any this week! He is from Denver so we have a GOOD time! SO we are teaching an amazing family named The Blandon’s and they are set to be baptized March! They have the cutest little kids that LOVE to read the scriptures out loud to us its the best!! This area is seriously so amazing. It feel so like home out here, the members are amazing as well. I was studying this week and a huge thing that I studied is just the basic principle of LOVE. As I read in the Book of 1 John it talks about how all who share the name of Christ are of god and all of god are full of love. Being loving to those around you is the KEY to all happiness, I know it. Our Savior Jesus Christ is the most loving of all and we should strive to be like him in all aspects of our lives. I love this gospel so much and he time I have out here to share it. I am so grateful for such an amazing calling I have been blessed with to preach the word of god to all I meet. I will forever be grateful for the trust god has granted me to teach his children. I love our savior, he is the only begotten son of god and he lives today. I love y’all so much. Sorry this is short but time is short! Again dont forget I love y’all so much! PLEASE read ALMA 37:37 and 1 JOHN 4:20-21. LOVE ALL YOU TALK TO as Christ loves us. My new address is:32303 Majesty Lane

Brandon MS. 39042
Hit me up with some love and I will hit you back with love! Wow so much love right now. Alright bye LOVES.


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