Email #74…

Alright y’all so this week was super good, there is a super bad flu going around the mission that hit me for a solid 2 days so I was resting for a bit then we would work super hard then rest but we had a super good week as always. We were able to go on Exchanges with some elders in the zone that I love had a good time and got kicked out of an apartment complex for knocking doors as usual..haha! We are in the process of making possibly the fastest/sickest pinewood derby car anone has ever seen..The Brandon ward has a HUGE derby and its tradition that the Elders make a car so we are making the winning car right now. As far as the work goes we have so many people to teach. We have a hard time fitting everyone in its an amazing problem to have haha! Kristen and her son Kyler will be getting baptized on Friday Feb. 24th. They are super excited and we are so excited for them. They are so awesome!! We have also been working with The Blandon family I love them so much!!! They are getting baptized March 4th. Its amazing to see the gospel bless families. This week I have been studying The Role of The Holy Ghost very deeply. I was then asked Saturday night to give a talk on it last minute so it worked out great. The Spirit is an amazing gift we can all receive. I have been doing all I can to gain a better relationship with the spirit and use the gift of discernment. As I study these things I became even more grateful for my mission. These things will guide me through life and lead me to be a successful person in all I do. The gospel really does shape us into the person god needs us to be I know that. But we cant just sit and watch, we must repent and exercise the Atonement. The greatest even that will ever happen our savior suffering for US on the cross and in Gethsemane. He felt all the pain whether it be physical or emotional he felt it all at once. He loves us, he guides us and HE LIVES. I love our savior, he is our King and The Only Begotten. remember him each day and pray for his coming. I love each of you. Happy Birthday to my Pretty momma/best friend I love you so much mom! Thank you so much for being so good and patient with me VERY patient haha! I love you TONS!!!! GOD BLESS Y’all!


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