Email #76…

Whatttt it is?? I really hope that y’all had an amazing week! This week eas so great out here in Brandon Mississippi! I am absolutely loving this place, the ward and the people we are working with life is super great! So we are working with a TON of people right now Kristen and Kyler we’re Baptized last week and are LOVING the church! The Blandon Family will be baptized this Sunday after church they are hilarious I LOVE them haha! This week was one I will never forget I received a lot of answers to prayers that I have been waiting for most of my mission. Having a relationship with our father in heaven is such a divine blessing. This Sunday was fast and testimony which is my favorite because we get to hear a bunch of amazing testimonies centered on Our Savior Jesus Christ. As I have been studying this week I came across something that will forever be added to my testimony. We have The Plan of Salvation which is from God, given to our mortal father which is Adam. It was given to us so that we could have wise direction on how to get back to the Fathers Kingdom and live with him for eternity, it was also given so that we could obtain the knowledge that FAMILIES CAN BE FOREVER FOREVER. Those sweet words are what motivate me in my life each day to serve and share this message with all those who surround me what greater blessing can we ask for than to be PROMISED by god that we will live with our family forever along with him and his only begotten son our savior Jesus THE Christ? The answer tot hat question is THERE IS NO GREATER BLESSING. The Father gave this plan to the first mortal man being Adam so that Adam could share it with all of the rest of us and through lineage pass the blessing down. This Plan is from THE FATHER which makes it patriarchal. We are all blessed through Patriarchal Theocracy. God knows all things, Our Savior Jesus Christ did die for us, he lives and loves us today. I know for a fact this is THE TRUE church and I am honored to assist in its service. I love each of y’all! God Bless! Say your prayers and tell the people you love that you love them! 


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