Email #81…

Do y’all feel our Saviors love?? This week I have been focusing on understanding all of those who I talk to and really doing my best to look at what they have overcome to get to this point in their lives. As a world today we tend to be so quick to judge so unrighteously. If we claim to be followers of our savior Jesus Christ the unrighteous judgement will STOP NOW. We are to become more like Christ in all aspects of our lives, we are still humans and we will make mistakes which is why we have repentance. Our Savior see’s all of us as we are not for our sins or flaws but for our strengths and talents given to us by Our Eternal Father. You will be amazed at the things you will learn about the people you interact with every single day that you NEVER knew if you will just see them as our Savior see’s all of us. Love them, serve them, encourage them to do better/be better. Paraphrased but as said in Mosiah 2:17 “As we serve our neighbor, we are serving god” Don’t miss the divine privilege to serve your maker, Our Loving Eternal father. Christ is obviously the best at Exemplifying what a TRUE SERVANT is. He loved helping others, he healed he sick, the blind and the dumb, He comforted a sweet woman who was just taken in adultery then succored her in a time of misery within her life. He was sinless yet he set the example for all of us and was baptized. He did all things in secret being humble and submissive to the father. He then made the ultimate sacrifice as we know “The ATONEMENT of Jesus Christ”. Yes he died for us on the cross in Calvary but he also suffered and bled in The Garden of Gethsemane which is to NEVER be forgotten. Christ loves all of y’all, he wants you to rely on him, his hand is with all of us if we will let it, he is our savor and he lives today. I am so grateful for him and the way he has changed me into the man Heavenly Father wants me to be. Let us all strive to be more like him everyday. Luke 22 is just a portion of what we can learn about our savior take 5 minutes a day and read about his life and ministry I promise your life will change!! I love y’all so much! God Bless! P.S. FAT Shout out to Hailey Marie on the stupppa sweet package!<44


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