Email #83…

So this week was a buck time! We had a crazy busy time, this next week we’ll be moving to Jackson which I’m super hype about! I’ll be attending church in a little dentist office in Jackson with a branch! There is no bad ward in the south everyone is so good to one another they all love this gospel, I am extremely blessed with the opportunity to make the switch and serve in the Jackson Branch! So this week we were preparing for PK’s baptism which went really well, we had Christian Coughlin from the ward baptize him. He is 16 and was just ordained a priest 2 weeks ago it was such an amazing experience to see the smile of both of them as PK came out of the water with such a bright smile on his face knowing he had just followed the example of our savior Jesus Christ and was baptized by someone who held the authority of god. A lot of things hit me hard this week that cut deep in my heart. I love The Atonement of Jesus Christ and the healing power which comes as we exercise it. Heavenly Father sacrificed his ONLY begotten son so that we could find comfort in all of our doings her on earth. Our savior is THE PHYSICIAN and he can heal us without the scars. We have been blessed with a plan known as “The Plan Of Salvation” which gives us the opportunity to live with our families and loved ones for time and all eternity and allows us to know the answer to 3 questions; Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going after this life? These 3 answers allow us to gain essential knowledge for salvation. This Plan has been revealed by god so that we can have ETERNAL life. We can be married to our best friend for time and all eternity in the temple/house of god. I know that Our Father lives and has a flesh and bone as do we, we were created in his image, our savior Jesus THE Christ is risen and loves all of us. Leave all burdens at his feet, he will lift them and allow you to feel of the comfort you all so deserve. I love all of y’all so much and I am so grateful to have the trust in me to serve faithfully our savior Jesus Christ everyday. 


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