Email #84…

Well this has been a very humbling week that’s for sure, but humbling is a good thing and it doesn’t mean it was a bad week. I am grateful for trials and hard times, without them our growth would be at loss. I want to just talk of how grateful I am to have such a loving heavenly father who is eternal and lives today. I have seen the hand of heavenly father so clearly here lately in my life. He has guided me to people with such perfect timing I cant even begin to explain it. I know they say we pick our friends ourselves but I think this is wrong. Heavenly father places people in our lives at his timing for a reason, I am forever grateful for this blessing. I was studying this morning in my scriptures and the key word that caught my eye was ‘LOVE”. We will never lose when we love all that is in our lives. I took a notebook out and started naming each person and thing I love in my life, I didn’t have enough time to finish writing all the tings, we all get so caught up in the negatives of life and sometimes forget to look at the amazing blessings heavenly Father has bestowed upon us. He blesses us because he LOVES us so much. Each of us. That love is to never be forgotten. I love to look back on the lyrics of a hymn “Count your many blessings,name them one by one.” These words are true. I love each of you so much and consider each of you a blessing in my life.<44 Press forward and walk uprightly before god. He is aware of you and loves you so much. have an amazing week!


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