Email #85…Mothers Day! 

I hope all of you amazing women had an amazing Mother’s Day yesterday, whether you are a mom or will be in the future I am so thankful for the amazing women in my life! I am especially thankful for my sweet momma, I love you so much, you scare me when you get mad but I always deserve it anyways so its okay;) haha I love you so much it was amazing to be able see everyone’s faces yesterday! ❤ This week was amazing, Larry Jones was baptized Saturday the smile he carried was unforgettable he told me after the baptism “I’m finally clean homie” haha he is a GOOD dude and I love him! Sunday there were 3 confirmations which brought such a storm of spirit into the branch. I love The Jackson Branch they really are the most kind hearted people I have ever met. I have finished The Book of Mormon and Bible a few times but I am now really focusing on dissecting each verse and finding a message with in each as I have prayed with all sincerity of my heart asking heavenly father to open my eyes to the mysteries that lay within each verse my heart has began to overfill with love for our savior. This gospel has changed my life forever y’all, it has allowed me to become who the Father wants me to become, I have come to gain a stronger love for The Lord and through this gospel people have entered my life that I KNOW I need and its all because heavenly Father loves me. I am beyond grateful for the knowledge that we do have a Loving Heavenly Father who will never leave us. We will be broken down over time as the things of the world continue to weigh on us but I invite y’all each to exercise the Atonement of Jesus Christ to bring comfort and reassurance into your life. I promise with all my heart he has felt everything you feel and more, he loves you. Rely on him. I love y’all so much! Please have a blessed week!<3 (John 14:27) Don’t be troubled, allow him to succor you in times of need, he lives today and is OUR SAVIOR.


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