Email #86…

Well our Savior Jesus Christ is at the head of this church and his hand is always in this work, I feel so blessed to be able to be a set apart servant of the lord for 2 years. I will say that the time we have out here as missionaries is VERY short and every moment is to be cherished. This Jackson area is going so well, there are an immense amount of blessings heavenly Father is bestowing upon all of the people. We have been working super hard to make sure we contact as many people as we can a day and trying to find a miracle in every minute. There is quite a group of people that are preparing themselves for baptism in June we are super excited. I learned a very valuable lesson this week yet again, and that is that sometimes we don’t know the answer and the best answer is to just say “I don’t know”. This week I was studying in the book of Hebrews on the atoning sacrifice of our savior and an image came to my mind. Am receiving each blessing that Heavenly Father gives me or am I just seeing them? To receive you must act upon the blessing and take full advantage of it. I look forward to doing better in the category as I press forward in these few bits of my mission and in life continually. I again testify of our savior Jesus Christ, he lives and he loves you all. He is there for you always no matter how broken you may feel, he will be there to help you become full again. I love each of you so much! have an amazing week! I will not be emailing Monday do to memorial day but i will be on Tuesday. Stay good looking as heck! Fat Shout to my little Bruv Blake on Graduating tomorrow have fun boss! Keep practicing your shot you’ll need when I get home in 7 weeks when I dunk on you.;) Love you!


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