Email #91…

So I guess next week is it…My last week as a missionary but I am so grateful I still have these 2 weeks, I will cherish every moment that I have to still wear this tag with our saviors name on my heart and feel of the special spirit we are blessed with as set apart servants of our Savior Jesus Christ. This week was one that I will never forget, actually I had an experience this week that will impact me for the rest of my life. We were called by a random number and asked to administer a blessing to a 3 week old baby over at the hospital in the ICU. I couldn’t help but to just pray and pray as we drove in the truck on the way over there. When we got there we were told that the baby was very ill and had to have life threatening surgery. So they asked me to give the blessing after Elder Thorley anointed the sweet baby with the consecrated oil. I had prayed specific that if I were to be the one administering the blessing that i would speak only by the spirit not by my own words or speech. As I opened my mouth it was filled with the words Heavenly Father wanted these 2 sweet and concerned parents to hear. I then realized that Heavenly Father was allowing us to be tools in his hands to heal this sweet little boy who was living with Heavenly Father just 3 short weeks ago. We have since heard from the family and the baby is doing so good, he is making a miracle recovery because our Heavenly Fathers will was for him to be healed. I am so grateful to hold the priesthood of god and to be able to work as a tool in his hands whenever he needs. I know that the fullness of the gospel has been restored back to the earth, that the Priesthood Authority of God is back and that Peter, James and John appeared and conferred it upon The Prophet Joseph Smith so that we could all receive of the blessings. Jesus Is the Christ I KNOW that his Atonement can heal us. He suffered for all of us. I love y’all so much. Have an amazing week. 


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