Email #90…

Alright so yes I am very aware of how much time I have left, it’s very limited but i still have enough time to make a huge difference and see a lot of amazing things happen. I am loving my mission so much, the blessings that are being bestowed upon Elder Thorley and I are beyond description. this week we have been increasing the amount of prayers we say as a companionship and we have been praying VERY specific. I promise each of you that Heavenly Father notices the little things we do and sacrifice to better our selves and others as disciples of his son Jesus Christ. This week I have really focused increasing the spirituality of my studies. Studying the scriptures each day is such an amazing blessing we have been given, through the scriptures Heavenly Father has given us another way to communicate with him and have our prayers answered. Attitude in life is contagious, in order to be diligent in what we do we must do it willingly and love it. Its very easy to “pretend or fake” like you love doing the work of the lord but in the end he knows our hearts. As I have been focusing on the little things my attitude has changed so much I have grown to love the work EVEN MORE! There is always something little you can work on to assure our savior you are giving ALL YOU HAVE, that is all he asks. He isn’t going to ask us to do anything we cannot do, when it gets to that point, he will pick up the rest and help push us a long, hence why he is called our savior. He knew that we could not gain Salvation without him so he helped us and Atoned for each and everyone one of us, now we must act and exercise the Atonement of Jesus Christ by changing for the better each day. I LOVE this scripture! 2 Nephi 9:27 But wo unto him that has the law given, yea, that has all the commandments of God, like unto us, and that transgresseth them, and that wasteth the days of his probation, for awful is his state! Our life on Earth is our probation, we will be tested and tried but through these tasks we are given is how we become readily prepared to again return to live with our father in heaven again in the kingdom he has prepared for all of his children. Do not waste a SINGLE day here, be a better person each day, stand a little bit taller and walk with God in all that you do. He will bless you. This church is the Lords Kingdom once again established on the earth today. Jesus Is The Christ and he loves all of y’all! I love y’all!! 


Lunch with Kristen….
Stopped by Lindsay’s Salon for fresh cuts!
Aaron and Josie and their cute boys on their way to Jackson to visit Tyler! He was so excited! ❤️

Email #89…

I really hope y’all are doing super good and had a great week, our week consisted of a lot of finding and sweating in the humidity but I’m a little twisted in the head because I honestly love it!! being a missionary is such a special experience, the spirit that is with you is beyond anything I have ever felt before, its so unique. We had such a great/busy week. We have been praying specifically to be guided to families and the lord has directed us to them. It’s so amazing the blessings that can be bestowed upon each of us as we knell down and ask with all sincerity of our hearts for help, one of my favorite scriptures is D&C 112:10 which contains the words “Be thou humble”. This passed weekend Arlicia was baptized and confirmed it was such a special experience there is no better sight than seeing a child of god enter the gate and receive the fullness of the gospel. Sunday at church the A/C went out and with the combination of the Mississippi heat it was pretty sweaty in there haha! I sat and observed everyone before the sacrament was administered to them everyone looked so drained and ready to go home then I observed them after they partook of the sacrament and the energy in the room was elevated within seconds. I witnessed one of the blessings of the sacrament FIRST hand I too felt an overwhelming energy come over me as I remember the Atonement Of Jesus Christ sitting there sweating in a black suit with all my brothers and sisters. I knew with all my heart the Lord was with us and was sharing his love with each of us. He knows us each personally and loves us immensely. I am grateful for the experiences the lord allows us to have, there is GOOD in everything, all we have to do is look. Let us each focus on What is RIGHT in the situation rather than what is WRONG, I promise you will live a happier life. The Savior was a perfect example of this as he was always looking for the good in each situation he came across, he was always loving and still is today as he lives and loves us. I bear witness of the truth of this gospel, i know with all my heart that our savior lives today and that The Book Of Mormon is the word of god as well as instruction for righteousness! Have an amazing week and Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there this weekend! Love You Pops see you soon! I love you all!!