Email # 51…

Lemme’ just start off by telling my best friends and the best looking twins I know HAILEY AND HAYDEN Happy 20th birthday!! I love y’all have a great day! This week was pretty amazing we had a lot going on which made it SO fast! We had some really good ball on Monday I always have to include that in the email..haha then we were able to see all the new people coming in at Transfer point it was good to be able to see some old faces! We taught Scott a lot this week and he seems to be doing good! His dad passed away from cancer on Sunday morning before church and Scott still came to church. I spoke Sunday and I’m still weird because I LOVE speaking in church! Its such a great opportunity to strengthen your testimony as well as your teaching! Saturday Thomas was Baptized it was so amazing! He had the strongest desire to follow the example of the lord and it all paid off for him! He told me I needed to “Hold him under extra long because he was a bad kid as a teenager” haha such a funny dude! The spirt was very present for all people attending to feel. We we’re able to teach Melissa and Myron as well and they plan on being baptized the 24th of September! We are very excited for them! There wasn’t a ton of crazy stuff this week other than the baptism but it was an amazing week overall for sure! I hope y’all have an amazing week! Its football season and football is the first religion over here..haha it for sure makes me more excited to strap up again when I get home! BUT until that day comes the mission is amazing, Our savior DOES live today and loves each and everyone of you! Y’all have an amazing week! Love y’all! PEACE!


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