Email #66…

Yo Yo Yo so December is finally here and I get to talk to my sweet mom in less than 3 weeks so I’m pretty hype about that! Lets get to it though because this work NEVER stops and I’m loving it! We had SO many teaching opportunities this week! So Elder Baird and I were at the Post Office and this random cute little old lady walks up to us and say “Give me something” so we give her a card and she tells us “Spirits recognize good spirits” then she told us how bad her life was at the moment and asked us to teach her. So we quoted some comforting scripture with her and left her with a smile on her face. the spirit worked through us for sure because a few scriptures I quoted I had NEVER memorized before and still cant..I love the lord. The grocery stores have been PACKED due to the holidays so we will go in there and hand out cards to people which always sparks super interesting conversation haha! We have been teaching Christian and Drake Jones as well and they have been doing awesome! They will be baptized December 17th! Next week is transfers sadly…Elder Baird will probably be leaving which is SO lame because I love that kid he is so awesome and we work well together! Around these Holidays its so important to remember to be charitable and serve others. I Promise y’all its the way to truly feel the spirit of this amazing Christmas season. Vicksburg is doing awesome, yesterday was fast Sunday and there were some amazing testimonies shared from the ward members. Fast Sunday is always my favorite, its so great to hear people bear witness of this gospel and speak from their heart. This week I was reminded of a valuable lesson. Life is all about attitude. We can choose to be happy or not be happy, we have a wonderful thing called agency given to us as a gift from our father. Missionary work is the same each area is all based upon how WE think it will be. We can come into a struggling area with an upbeat attitude and things will be upbeat. Remember that our father is listening for our prayers ALWAYS. Heed the counsel of the lord and HUMBLE yourself before him. (Ether 12:27) This week I will be blessed to teach at Zone Conference in front of Elder Arnold of the 70 and half the mission on “The Sons of Helanman” I feel very blessed to serve these southerners and our amazing savior. I love y’all so much. GODSPEED.


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